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Heat Proof Roofing Sheets

Heat Proof Roofing Sheets

Heat proof roofing sheets Product features: (1) Durable color:It can still maintain the stability of its color for over 10 years. (2) Long lifetime: It's natural life span can reach more than 30 years, 2-3 times of other roof tile products. (3) Excellent corrosion resistance: Resin tile can...

Heat proof roofing sheets

Product features:

(1) Durable color:It can still maintain the stability of its color for over 10 years.

(2) Long lifetime:

 It's natural life span can reach more than 30 years, 2-3 times of other roof tile products.

(3) Excellent corrosion resistance:

Resin tile can withstand long-term acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals, which is very

 suitable for acid rain-prone areas and coastal. its life span is over 3 times longer than zinc panels.

(4) Heat insulation performance: 

The thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tile is 0.325W / (mk), is about 1/310 of clay tile, 

1 / 5 of concrete tile, 1/200 of 0.5mm thickness steel tile.

(5) Quick installation: 

High paving efficiency, light weight, easy handling, installation accessories complete.

(6) Good sound insulation: 

When it rains, the noise is more than 30dB lower than the metal roofing.

(7) Excellent self-cleaning properties: 

Smooth surface is not easy to absorb dust. The color will not be mottled after rain washes.

(8) Fire resistance and waterproof: 

Synthetic resin tile is a kind of non-flammable materials with oxygen index OI of≥32.

(9) Excellent loading resistance: 

 In the case of 660mm supporting distance, loading 150kg, there is no cracks and damage on the tile.

(10) Environment protection : with no carcinogen released.

Description Heat Proof Roof Sheet

Item number

Trapezoidal 940


PMMA coated + PVC




2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

Unit length


Total length

Max 5,800mm for 20'GP, max 11,800mm for 40'GP


Customized, Brick red, Blue Gray, etc.


Residential homes ,villa , pavilions, etc.




PE bag or pallet


1000 Square meters


T/T, L/C, D/P, O/A, Western Union


1.With bright, smooth surface, it is has bright glaze with a glass-like texture in surface. Especially for the board with Paint or colorant, it can compete with traditional Chinese glazed tile. It surpass asbestos, cement tile, synthetic resin tile and color steel tile far beyond.

2. Better Impact Resistance With distance of 60cm, no cracking, spalling, through holes and cracks emerge on the site strucked.

3. Low water absorption rate, Impervious. Being blocked on the two sides in the board, pulling water, after 12 hours, no pervious traces on the back side.

4. Hi temperature resistance and Acid and alkali resistance. Put the Magnesium pantile under 180 ℃ for an hour, than put it immediately in code water. Repeating this action after ten times, no blistering, cracking emerge, bright as ever. it is suitable for chemical, electroplating workshop.

5. Better Fireproof performance. Putting Magnesium pantile under 900-1000 ℃, no flame, or smoke emerge. It belongs to Class A1 level non-combustible material.

6.Even thickness.  Maximum difference is 0.5mm.

7. Better performance in toughness. It can be Sawing, nailing, drilling, no hard rattle.

8.Long service life.  It’s service life can be 20-30 years.

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