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Sandwich Panel

We have a variety of sandwich panels of different specifications and materials, including Rock Wool Sandwich Panel, Aluminium Sandwich Panel Roof, PU Sandwich Panel, EPS Sandwich Panel and so on.
The sandwich panel and the sandwich layer are both flat or thin-walled structures. The structural material may be high-strength low-alloy steel for shipbuilding, or metal materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, and aluminum alloy. The sandwich layer and the panel are usually the same material to ensure the welding performance between them.
In addition, the middle of the sandwich layer can be filled with specific fillers (foam, metal foam, resin, asbestos, etc.) for multi-functional design such as fire prevention and sound insulation. A laser welding link is used between the panel and the sandwich layer, and different sandwich layer structures and panels are linked differently.
The sandwich panel cuts off the building leakage from the source, and has various functions such as heat preservation, heat insulation, and lightness, root resistance, water storage, drainage, and good gas permeability in the roof greening and garage roof.
As a new lightweight material with high specific strength, high specific stiffness, sound insulation, fire resistance, thermal insulation and other excellent properties, the sandwich panel has been widely used in engineering fields such as aviation, aerospace, construction and shipbuilding.
With productive and professional factory, we are one of the leading China sandwich panel suppliers and manufacturers, providing cheap sandwich panel. If you are looking for the products with the lowest price, please feel free to contact us.
  • Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
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    Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

    Rock wool sandwich panel is with rock wool for sandwich plate material. Rock wool sandwich panel give full play to the unique properties of rock wool core material, in fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound absorption and insulation and has a significant effect.
  • Sandwich Panel Wall Construction
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    Sandwich Panel Wall Construction

    Sandwich panel wall construction Specification Product features and advantages Heat insulation and preservation :The feature of energy saving of Rigel boards is mainly reflected in it’s heat preservation and insulation ,the major material is polystyrene grains and other...
  • Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Line
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    Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Line

    Mineral wool sandwich panel line Mineral Wool and PU Sandwich Panel Production Line is widely used for producing Polyurethane(PU)/ EPS/ Rockwool sandwich roof and wall panels for construction. with high practicality, such as insulation, sound-proofing and flame retardance. 1)...
  • Sandwich Panel Roofing Sheets
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    Sandwich Panel Roofing Sheets

    Sandwich panel roofing sheets Application: Reducing the overall cost, improving the economic benefit Increasing the practical area and practical ratio of building improving building competitive advantage in price according to the practical area when selling as a unit Greatly...
  • Aluminium Sandwich Panel Roof
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    Aluminium Sandwich Panel Roof

    Aluminium sandwich panel roof [Aluminum sandwish panel roof] consists of two different materials (metal and nonmetal), which not only retain the main features of the original composition materials (aluminum, non-metallic polyethylene), but also overcome the shortcomings of...
  • Sandwich Panel Wall Cladding
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    Sandwich Panel Wall Cladding

    Sandwich panel wall cladding Specifications Panel thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm Aluminum skin thickness: 0.12mm/0.15mm/0.18mm/0.21mm/0.25mm/0.30mm/0.35mm/0.40mm/0.45mm/0.50mm Standard width: 1220mm or 1250mm, other width AVAILABLE Panel length: according to your need. Usually...
  • PU Sandwich Panel
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    PU Sandwich Panel

    Anti leakage sandwich panels, polyurethane rigid foam insulation board, polyurethane composite board, PU board, is a popular saying that the polyurethane sandwich panel, strictly speaking, it should be the construction of polyurethane insulation sandwich panels
  • EPS Sandwich Panel
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    EPS Sandwich Panel

    Foam sandwich plate has the advantages of beautiful appearance, bright color, good overall effect, it sets the bearing, insulation, waterproof in one, and without the second decoration is a widely used, especially in the construction site of the temporary facilities such as...
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